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    IdentityService API Usage update

    Jeff Yu Master

      Hi all,

      Noted from the test cases code, we all use the groupName as groupId by default, this is fine with the jbpm-built-in implementation, as these two are the same, but they are different in the jboss idm implementation.

      So I am going to update those test cases, using the groupId, instead of groupName, take org.jbpm.examples.mail.inline.InlineMailTest.java for example:

       identityService.createMembership("obrien", "thinkpol");
       identityService.createMembership("charr", "innerparty");
       identityService.createMembership("obrien", "innerparty");

      I will updated it as:

       String groupId1 = identityService.createGroup("thinkpol");
       String groupId2 = identityService.createGroup("innerparty");
       identityService.createMembership("obrien", groupId2);
       identityService.createMembership("charr", groupId1);
       identityService.createMembership("obrien", groupId1);

      Any comments on this update? any objections??