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    SelectManyListBox value not updated properly when using a4j:

    Tom Jödecke Newbie

      Hi guys,

      didn't want to post it on the bug tracker directly because it might also just be my fault.

      I'm using two selectmanylistboxes with a few a4j:commandbuttons as a shuttle component (requirements make the use of listShuttle impossible).

      Today i noticed that after switching to 3.2.2 B4 the old code (that worked before) doesn't work anymore.

      This is what happens now:
      1. User selects a few values from one of the listboxes
      2. User clicks one of the buttons
      3. The backing bean property containing the selected items gets populated by an empty list regardless of what the user selected.

      I'm not using converters, just plain string values.

      Using standard h:commandButton or switching back to 3.2.1 resolves the problem.

      Any ideas?