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    One par file with multiple process definition ??

    Ashish Chawla Newbie

      Hi All,
      I have a general question on the jbpm jpdl process definition deployment.

      As I understand, a par file contains the process definition and its related java code. If I have multiple process definitions defined in a jbpm project, I can deploy each of them individually from the deployment tab, or ant task...but there will be multiple par files (as many processes I have).

      But this has a drawback that anytime I need to create a new process, I have to make sure that the existing classes work with the new process. Its basically more tightly coupled with the java code.

      What I am trying to find out is, if its possible to include multiple process definition.xml in the same par files. Or separate the java code from the xml definitions.

      I dont want to deploy the same java code with every par file. I am trying to have some generic classes written which *will* work with all process definitions, so that deployment wise it should be easy and I just have to deploy the workflow xml ONLY.

      Any thoughts? Would appreciate any feedback.