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    Reassignment does not reflect in task history.

    Shekhar Vemuri Newbie


      1.) Task is assigned to 'Person1' at the point of creation.
      2.) Task is reassigned to 'Person2'.
      3.) 'Person2' completes the task.
      4.) We query history for the task, it says that 'Person1' was the assignee, whereas it was 'person2' at the point of completion.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <process key="ReassignTest"
       <start g="20,20,48,48">
       <transition to="test1"/>
       <task name="test1" g="96,16,127,52">
       class= "org.jbpm.examples.task.assignmenthandler.AssignTask">
       <field name="assignee">
       <string value="person1"/>
       <transition name="end1" to="end1"/>
       <end name="end1" g="255,16,88,52"/>

      public void test_whether_reassign_history_works() {
       ProcessInstance pi =
       List<Task> tasks = taskService.findPersonalTasks("person1");
       assertTrue(tasks.size() == 1);
       long taskDbId = tasks.get(0).getDbid();
       taskService.assignTask(taskDbId, "person2");
       List<Task> tasksAfterReassignment = taskService.findPersonalTasks("person1");
       assertTrue("Person1 should not have any tasks.",tasksAfterReassignment.size() == 0);
       List<Task> tasksForNewAssignee = taskService.findPersonalTasks("person2");
       assertTrue("Person2 should have 1 task.", tasksForNewAssignee.size() == 1);
       assertEquals("person2", taskService.getTask(taskDbId).getAssignee());
       taskService.completeTask(taskDbId, "end1");
       List<HistoryActivityInstance> aiHistory = historyService
       assertEquals("My assumption of there being only one entry in the history is wrong." , 1,aiHistory.size());
       HistoryTaskInstanceImpl hai = (HistoryTaskInstanceImpl) aiHistory.get(0);
       assertEquals("Person2 completed the Task, but someone else got the credit","person2", hai.getAssignee());