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    jBPM4 History/Log implementation.

    Shekhar Vemuri Newbie

      yet another post related to jbpm4 history. :P

      This one is related to the overall roadmap/approach towards logging historical information.

      Auditing and History information is one of the more critical pieces of data that needs to be persisted as part of the workflow processes.

      So I was wondering what the plan was towards supporting some of that stuff,

      1.) A task is re-assigned from 'PersonA' to 'PersonB' by 'PersonC' on 'Date1'.
      2.) The DueDate of a Task is changed from 'date1' to 'date2'.
      3.) Priority of a Task is changed from 'NORMAL' to HIGH.

      Now in v3, some of these could be tracked using things like the TaskAssignLog.

      There is no way to do that in jbpm4, as yet. The current approach tracks and store historical activities/tasks, but does not store any changes that might have been made to the actual task/activity except for the fact that it is completed. Changes to the activities themselves are not recorded.

      IS there any plan/thought as to how that will be done?