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    Version 4.1 was interrupted

    Israel Santiago Newbie


      Please, the development of version 4.1 was interrupted ? What are the plans for the new project BPMN, which is in the trunk?

      Israel Santiago

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          Joram Barrez Master

          Why do you believe that development has stalled?

          Currently Tom is on holiday, and I'm working on some BIRT reports for the console (which is taking me some days). And I'm sure the other team members are quite busy too ;-)

          Regarding the BPMN project, you'll probably get more info about it in the near future.

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            Ronald van Kuijk Master

            I have to agree with Joram. Lots of things going on and maybe no checkins every day. Only checkin of the build does not break ;-)

            And even though Tom is officially on, he made 2 big checkins the last 2 days in the BPMN area. Since this part is relatively still small but otoh, already great, You could have a look at the code. Helps you learn the concepts really quickly as it did for me. And maybe you can even contribute like I'm going to do.

            So why you got the idea 4.1 halted I have no idea.

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              wow.... lots of cut/copy/paste/delete here....

              ... Only check in if the build....
              ... And even though Tom is officialy on holiday

              Sorry... time for a holiday? No... first make the basics of the exclusiveGateway work