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    jBPM4 on weblogic

    Heiko Braun Master

      gert wrote:

      I’m trying to get JBPM properly running on Weblogic. Until now no problems that I couldn’t fix. But one of my finals steps it the need of a jBPM Service.

      As I suppose it’s this jBPM Service who really keep track’s of the jobs that have to be done within jBPM (and keeps track of timers, reminders…via polling) So I dived into the code a bit and came to the org.jbpm.integration.spi package. Since I have no experience in this area and you’re the author of the code I hope maybe you could help me out a bit for my first steps.

      I’ve notice that except for the service there is also a deployer in this package. I think for now I can leave that part for later? Is it possible to give me just some idea of which classes/methods I definitely need to get everything working?
      At the end I also one the bind the service to JNDI.