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    [BPMN2] use ids or names from bpmn 2 XML?

    Bernd Ruecker Master


      Bernd wrote:

      BPMN normally differentiate between id and name (e.g. process definition, activities, flows, ...). Most of the time jbpm only knows one field, so we have to decide to use id or name.

      What do you think?

      I would prefer to keep the ID and add the name as description wherever possible. Since the id maybe referenced somewhere, it should be kept...

      And e.g. for the ProcessDefinition the ID is used as key and the name kept.

      Tom wrote:

      in the runtime engine we should parse the id and use the id. a bpmn designer should display the name, i think.

      this is my gutt feeling, i don't know the spec in that part.

      So I go ahead and try to use id's everywhere.