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    [BPMN2] advanced pvm/parsing question

    Bernd Ruecker Master


      Ronald wrote:

      > ActivityResources have a resourceRef to resources, just like
      > sequenceflows have to activities, at least in bpmn. There are two
      > differences. Sequenceflows need to be added to activities which can be
      > retrieved with findActivirty and that the level they are on the xml
      > file is different. I've been looking in detail at the jPDL parser,
      > but maybe because of tiredness, I do not seem to get a grip on how to to do this.
      > push, pop, unresolvedTransitions like, I've seen it al but cannot find out.
      > If you have a tip, I can continue with this tomorrow and probably do
      > the same for dataObjects.

      Tom wrote:

      BpmnParser should first parse the resources and build up an internal datastructure for it. So that resourceRefs can look em up there.