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    pvm and defaultOutgingTransition

    Ronald van Kuijk Master

      In the pvm there is the method

      /** creates an outgoing transition from this activity. */
       public TransitionImpl createOutgoingTransition() {
       // create a new transition
       TransitionImpl transition = new TransitionImpl();
       // wire it between the source and destination
       // if there is no default transition yet
       if (defaultOutgoingTransition==null) {
       // make this the default outgoing transition
       defaultOutgoingTransition = transition;
       return transition;

      The last few statements about the defaultOutgoingTransition are afaik jPDL specific. This yields errors in my tests where no defaults are expected (all but exclusiveGateay at this time) Since I did not want to touch the pvm, I tried setting the defaultOutgoingTransition to null in all cases where it is not needed. This resulted in some other errors e.g. join behaviour where was tested if a default transition was there instead of 'is there a transition'.

      Shouldn't this be changed and the default transition is explicitly set where needed in jPDL? The pvm should be 'language agnostic' imo