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    [jBPM4]How can i set locally/globally managed taskvariables?

    diet ice Newbie

      Hi there,

      i´ve a question regarding JBPM 4.0.

      Currently, if i set upon a task a variable like following:

      HashMap variables = new HashMap();
      variables.put("myVar", "This is amazing");
      taskService.setVariables(myTaskId, variables);

      ... the variables will not be set to locally managed variables upon the task as instead those variables will be propagated to the whole processinstance. So i get the variable from another task as well.

      What i want to do is to set the scope only to one task.

      In jBPM 3 i could fullfill this behaviour on using the method ContextInstance.setVariableLocally...

      How can i achieve this with jBPM 4 to set the scope of variable-access to a task and not to the whole processinstance?