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    Drag and Drop process deployment?

    Adrian Apthorp Newbie

      Is there any interest in Drag and Drop process deployment and listing jBPM contents (e.g. process definitions) as a filesystem?

      I realised that it was relatively easy to create WebDav visibility of jBPM based on my CalDav wrapper (see earlier post):


      The basic prototype proved straightforward and now need feedback on the value before taking it further. I've tested access from Kubuntu to jBPM on a Windows box. Processes are just listed as directory entries and deploying is as simple as 'dropping' a process archive file in to the directory.

      At the moment I don't list process versions but believe this can be done as per the WebDav RFCs.

      I'm not sure of the general take up of WebDav and therefore value of pursuing this. Also, unfortunately the Eclipse WebDav plugin doesn't seem to be supported any longer.

      P.S. Windows Explorer as a client needs a bit of tweaking but same principle applies.

      P.P.S. Also, have been toying with CardDav visibilty of jBPM users.