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    Automated upgrade procedure

    Alejandro Guizar Master

      Related issue: JBPM-2509
      Ant target upgrade.jbpm.schema will:
      * create the appropriate hibernate.cfg.xml file based on a property called "database"
      * invoke the upgrade tool

      The tool in turn will:
      * run the update script that corresponds to the target database
      * initialize the nextid property from the id generator
      * add langid property to every deployed process

      Future releases may need to add further steps, or end users may want to add extra steps. I'd prefer the steps listed under "tool" were scripted - possibly right there in install/build.xml. In this case each step would be a separate Ant task (upgrade-db, initialize-next-id, add-lang-id). Doing so has the side benefit of preventing the tool from becoming a monolithic, non-cohesive class as new steps are introduced.