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    JBPM 4.1 : Task Count

    Adolf Grazou Newbie


      I am developing an application embedding JBPM 4.1.

      In the front end, I need to get the list of pending tasks for a given user (and page it), as well as the total number of pending tasks ( in order, for example, to determine the number of pages).

      I am currently using the TaskQuery interface for that. (this one http://docs.jboss.com/jbpm/v4/javadocs/org/jbpm/api/TaskQuery.html)

      It is working perfectly, but I am a bit confused by the way I am counting tasks, and suspecting there is a better way to do it.

      Once the different filters are set (user, activity, status ...), there is a method to get all the Tasks, but none to just count them.

      So what I am doing for now is get the size of the list, but I am a bit afraid of what will happen if a few million records are sent back. Not mentioning the performances.

      Is there a "better" way to have access to this information through the standard JBPM 4.1 API ?