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    Extending HistorySession

    Torsten R Newbie


      some time ago I asked in the user forum about experiences extending the history-session.


      To me it seems that there are some public getters missing so that you can actually extend the historysession. In addition the binding for the HistorySessionChain is missing.

      Is there a way that you could add public getters for the members of the history events in the next release?
      Otherwise it is really hard and ugly to implement a custom history (e.g. to send customer specific audit-data to a backend system)

      What I mean are getters like....

      Event: ActivityEnd, DecisionEnd
      Public getter for: transitionName

      Event: TaskActivityStart, TaskAssign, TaskCreated, TaskDelete, TaskUpdated
      Public getter for: task

      Event: TaskAssign
      Public getter for: assignee

      Event: TaskComplete
      Public getter for: outcome

      Event: TaskDelete
      Public getter for: reason

      Event: VariableCreate, VariableUpdate
      Public getter for: variable


      That would be really great because we could use jBPM poperly :-)