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    Close issue JBPM-2537

    Sebastian Schneider Master

      Could anybody close this issue? It's a duplicate of JBPM-2559 which has been fixed in jBPM 4.2 and which was closed.


      Thank you.

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          Joram Barrez Master

          Afaik, the issue hasn't been fixed yet: the other one is closed due to duplication. We tried to fix it quickly before wrapping up the release, but it didn't work ... so my guess is it will be fixed in 4.3

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            Sebastian Schneider Master

            It maybe that I have misread the changelog of the upcoming 4.2 release in the repository. So the bug was mentioned to be a known issue in the release and not a fixed one.

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              Sebastian Schneider Master

              Joram, can we try to agree on a concept for this issue? In the JIRA comments you wrote:

              "Joram" wrote:

              The most logical is not necessarily what was in 3 ;-)

              But you are right: in 3, the task is kept open, but it can't be completed anymore. The only option is than to delete the task. Imo, this makes sense.


              To me this solution makes sense. The task has to be deleted since the execution moved on because of the timer which fired. Since this isn't a fork the "old task" is not supposed to be active anymore (that's the reason it can't be completed) and as you stated it can only be deleted.

              I would highly appreciate a solution for this in jBPM 4.3 , personally but also because I think it's a very basic feature which is broken right now.

              If the other dev's agree with us maybe you could take care of this issue? :)