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    Does RichFaces support Multiple browser windows/tabs

    Bansilal Haudakari Newbie

      We are using JSF 1.2, MyFaces 1.2.2, RichFaces 3.2
      One of the biggest problems of JSF appears to be that it requires that most backing beans be placed into session scope.

      Is there anything you can do on the technical side to work around these problems that stem from storing e.g. a ListDataModel in the session? How do you handle master detail views and paging in tables without conflicts between multiple browser windows sharing the same session?

      How do you sell the limitation to one browser window per user to your customers?

      Here is what we are thinking in terms of Solution
      Solution Proposal:
      1)Is it possible to disable File-> New Window in case of IE and File-> New Tab in case of Firefox
      2)Is it possible to detect the session already exists when users open another browser instance . And then give Alert message to the user and automatically close the other browser instance
      or any other solution ???

      I heard RichFaces provide extended contexts . Any pointers/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.