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    Getting JNDI Context from remote machine per https

    Michael Schiessl Newbie

      In FAQ there is a solution to edit hosts file. But it did not work for us.


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          Dieter Cailliau Newbie

          (copied from a thread in MQ forum)


          Looking up the jndi tree of a remote jboss, over http (, works fine from stand-alone java client.
          When doing that from inside a servlet in a local jboss, it returns local jndi tree of local jboss.
          Doing the same without http (with jnp://...) works fine.


          In a java client, i lookup context

          httpParentJndi.java.naming.factory.initial org.jboss.naming.HttpNamingContextFactory
          httpParentJndi.java.naming.factory.url.pkgs org.jboss.naming:org.jnp.interfaces;java.protocol.handler.pkgs

          In that context, i look for queue/Q, and post a message.

          On machine 20.11, i can see the message arriving (because there's a consumer there).

          When i do exectly the same client code, from inside a servlet inside a jboss on my client machine, it doesn't work anymore. The queue/Q is looked up in the local jndi of the jboss the client machine (running the servlet)! This results in a naming exception. It simply ignores my jndi context parameters (telling to look for the jndi remotely).

          I changed to normal jndi and jms (without http):


          By simply changing these settings, it does work inside the war.

          This means something is wrong with my HttpNamingContextFactory, when it is created by a thread owned by a war.