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    4.0.2 putting @xxxxxx in JNDI name for entity beans. 4.0.1 d

    Angus McDonald Newbie

      Morning chaps,

      Having problems with JBoss 4.0.2 and JNDI names. I have a number of entity beans which successfully deployed with 4.0.1 (and prior), and their jndi names would be as I expect e.g. jndiName=local/User, service=EJB.

      With 4.0.2 an @ sign, followed by a number is added to alll entity beans, and only entity beans e.g. jndiName=local/User@3379466. This number changes everytime I restart JBoss, and it is different for each of the 40 or so entity beans I have. My session beans jndi names behave as in 4.0.1 e.g. ejb/ticket does not have this number tagged onto it.

      Needless to say the look up used in the application attempt to lookup local/User, not local/User@3379466.

      As far as I can work out all configuration files are the same between both versions of JBoss. Is there some magic switch I should set in JBoss 4.0.2 to stop this happening.

      Any guidance most appreciated.