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    from localhost to network

    jose luis herrero Newbie

      Hi everybody

      I have developed a web service as a sessionbean an a client tah connect to this service. Everything works fine in a localhost. Now I want the client to be in a different computer, How can I configure this?

      The code is as follows :

      -------- Service --------
      public class Service implements SessionBean{

      -------- Client -----------
      public class Client{
      Context ref=getInitialcontex();
      Object ref=context.lookup("Service");
      Object ref = contex

      private getInitialContex() throws NaminException{
      Hastable environment=new Hashtable();


      Perhaps, do I have to change localhost:1099 in the PROVIDER_URL for the IP where JBOSS server is installed. And, of course, open port 1099? Do I need somethig else?

      Thanks for the help