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    JNDI over HTTPS fails after upgrade to JBoss 3.2.7

    Katja Kivilahti Newbie

      After debugging this a bit, I found out that for some reason, the invocations made by cluster B to the Naming proxy marshalled by cluster A are always handled by the local container. I wrote my own InvokerInterceptor for the delegate session bean calls. It never does local invocations, it just trace logs whenever an invocation is "local", and forwards the invocation to the remote container. Now the application works as it should... but the original problem remains unsolved.

      For some reason, org.jboss.system.Registry.lookup(Object) returns true for session beans that should not exist in cluster B, only in cluster A. The beans do not show up when I call Context.listBindings.

      Perhaps this is a platform-specific problem? We are using Mac OS X 10.3.9 for development. I have two IP's on my machine and have bound each cluster to a separate host name/ip.