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    Remote JNDI lookup Confusion

    Sidney Zurch Novice

      We recently ported a application to JBoss 3.2.7 (from 3.2.2/3) and had to resolve some JNDI issues having to do with the ENC.

      The application runs on several hosts. A jsp in the web tier on host A periodically collects information from the same EJB's on host A and host B by doing remote JNDI lookups specifying the name of the remote host.

      The problem is that the remote lookup on host B done from the web tier on host A running JBoss 3.2.7 appears to be returning the address of the EJB on host A.

      The same jsp deployed on hosts running JBoss 3.2.2/3 works correctly.

      This does not appear to be a network problem; the jsp throws Network exceptions if the remote host is not available.

      Any ideas on this?