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    shared JNDI connection

    K K Newbie

      My webapp is using a JNDI connection to authenticate and so is Slide.
      It would be nice to share them somehow.
      Currently I have the WebDAVConnectionSpec username and password hardcoded to a valid one in ldap for testing.

      if (_factory == null){
      Context ic = new InitialContext();
      _factory = (WebDAVConnectionFactory) ic.lookup(jndi);

      if (_spec == null){
      _spec = new WebDAVConnectionSpec(host, "operator", "operator",

      return (WebDAVConnection)_factory.getConnection(_spec);

      Is there a way to cache or reuse the JNDI username/password that has
      already been entered and authenticated from my JBoss/Tomcat webapp?
      If not is there a nice way to save off the username/password so I can pass
      it into the WebDAVConnectionSpec?