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    Problem accessing JNDI over HTTP -  iptables

    Yoge Newbie


      Iam able to connect to JBoss JNDI over HTTP as described in the admin guide.


      We have iptables for redirecting traffic from anotherhost:80 to 8080 of the JBoss server. Access to port 8080 is restricted to external network. My Program should execute in external network and only port 80 is accessible to external network.

      In this case the program fails when I try to connect JNDI using anotherhost:80.

      I have modified jboss-service.xml in <JBoss ServerHome>\http-invoker.sar to include the attribute InvokerURL pointing to the full url - http://:80/invoker/JMXInvokerServlet. But still the problem persists

      It throws javax.naming.NameNotFoundException

      Any clues ???.