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    accessing remote EJBs thru an external load balancer

    Mikhail Garber Newbie

      I have a situation where we are trying to setup jboss servers behind external load balancer (F5). The "client" and two jboss servers are in two different subnets. The initial JNDI request goes thru and remote handle comes back to the client with the IP address of one of the servers so the subsequent calls are going to that server directly, bypassing the load balancer.
      We can change the IP address advertized in the remote handle by setting java.rmi.server.hostname to the virtual IP on the F5 but then the question becomes how to send the subsequent requests to the _same_ server.
      If anyone has experience with such unusual setup, feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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          Pat Osterday Newbie

          I don't know if you've solved your problem yet or not, so I thought I'd post some info. I don't use F5s now, but we did use F5's BigIP products at my last company. We didn't do any EJB/JNDI stuff through the BigIP, but we did use "Sticky Sessions" for HTTP requests to our web server farm. I'm guessing "Sticky Sessions" (meaning the requests always go to the first server the response came from) would be available for any TCP/IP connection.

          Good luck!