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    datascroller question

    Jens Mueller Novice

      hi, i have following issue: I'm using the datascroller for the presentation of reports. on the respective page the user can set filters to be applied on the report. the problematic scenario:
      -the user goes to one of the last pages of a report
      -applies a filter that narrows the report
      -the report is recalculatedn the datascroller shows the correct number of pages however the datascroller still tries to display a page that is no more present instead of page 1.

      i've set the rerender attribute to both, (report-) datatable and scroller and reset the datascroller and as scroller is created dynmically i tried to reinitialize it however this didn't work either. can someone please tell me how the reset the scroller to page one after calling recalculating the report?