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    JBoss 2.4 JNDI/RMI Ports?

    Paul Saxman Newbie

      Hello All,

      We're currently dealing with a pretty dated version of JBoss (2.4.4), but unfortunately, we don't maintain the service that uses JBoss, just the server and the code that that accesses the service via RMI. In any event, my question is, what are the ports that this version of JBoss uses for JNDI/RMI communication? We've opened 1099 (JNDI) and 4444 (RMI) on the server's firewall, but also had to open 1025 initially, and then 1041 as well after a reboot. I'm not sure what these last two ports are used for, but they're apparently necessary since a connection to the server hangs unless they're open. I'm guessing which port to use, 1025 to 1041, or else (it could be a range), is designated when the JBoss service is started.

      Any thougts? Thanks in advance.