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    NameAlreadyBoundException; remaining name 'env'

    Joel Riedesel Newbie

      I am using 4.0.3RC2 with EJB 3.0. I have an ear with a handful of entity beans and a few session beans. I also have a war file in the ear file. It has one jar in its web-inf/lib (for the servlet) in order to ensure that the webapp ends up with a different UCL.

      When the ear is being deployed the EJBs successfully deploy but when the webapp is being deployed I get this NameAlreadyBoundException. I'm fairly certain that the context is the java:comp/env name. I cannot fathom why I am getting the error.

      My web.xml file only has init-params in the app; no env-entry.

      The deployment worked when I didn't have any env-entry tags in my
      session beans. As soon as I added those tags I get this error and cannot deploy the webapp.

      I'm at a loss and hope that someone can point me in the right direction or suggest the problem. I've searched high and low and feel like I've tried all sorts of ideas... :-).

      I can post my web.xml and ejb-jar.xml if necessary. They are so
      basic however that it doesn't seem like it should be necessary.