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    how just  "ONE" jndi server?? Mahchine1->jboss4_1 | Mahchine

    delkant Newbie

      Hi, I want to install 3 machines with the same jboss4version, then 3 differents applications (ears, jars, etc.). I need these applications running in differents machines, and then make and instantiation from machine1->aplication1.ear to machine2->aplication2.ear or machine3->aplication3.ear.

      What I need is to be able to deploy differents applications in differents machines and comunicate all my applications using JNDI. Is this posible? I don't want to use nothing like WSDL. I just want that my transacctionSessionBean could access to the other external applications making a request and then continue using local components.. i hope you understand the idea and help me out.