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    configure client to override hostname returned by naming ser

    Mike Newbie

      Is it possible to configure a client to override the hostname returned by the naming service?

      In my scenario I have a single server running JBoss. There is no clustering etc. When logging in, the user identifies the server hostname or address and that is used to connect to the naming server. I would like to override the hostname returned by the server naming service and continue to use the hostname specified by the user.

      The reason is that for different deployments and even within a single deployment, the format of the address/hostname that the client should use to connect differs. Sometimes, fully qualified hostname is appropriate, sometimes only the hostname/computer name and if DNS is not configured correctly in our customers' network, the IP address should be used.

      I know about configuring the hostname used on the server, and we are doing that. The goal is to make installation of our application easy and work with the network configuration that they have, what ever state it is. As long as the client can connect to the server, it shouldn't matter what hostname/address the client uses to connect as opposed to the hostname that the server thinks the client should use - or at least that is what we are striving for.

      Any help on this is greatly appreciated!