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    Finding EJB service from a remote machine

    Saikrishna yarraguntla Newbie

      To access a EJB service remotely, JNDI lookup shall give the Home reference thru which we can ultimately access the requried business methods.

      I am more interested in the approach to be taken. If the client is a RMI client, then the above JNDI lokup works fine.

      But if the client is HTTP client and if there are multiple server(nodes) available in the JBOSS cluster

      Q 1) How can HTTP client be able to find the service on the cluster (taking fail-over into consideration)

      Q 2) Since Jboss uses both RMI & HTTP protocols, is it OK to use RMI to access the server from HTTP client ????

      Q 3) How Apache /mod_jk can be used in this scenario.

      Q 4 ) Any better alternative ???