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    ejb communication over http. JNDI lookup over http.

    ebende Newbie


      is it possible to run a JBoss cluster over the internet? In particular, this is what I want:

      On server A I am running Stateless Session Bean 1.
      On server B I am running Stateless Session Bean 2.

      Now I want to let SLSB 1 communicate with SLSB 2.

      However server A and B are NOT located on the intranet, but can only communicate through the internet.

      In other words:
      1. The JNDI lookup of SLSB 1 to find SLSB 2 and vice versa need to occur over the internet.
      2. Moreover, the communication between the SLSBs, which happens to be RMI/IIOP should tunnel through HTTP and should cross firewalls.

      Does any one know if this scenario is possible?


      Evert Bende