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    EJB 3.0 Remote Interface Not Bound

    Ryan Fischer Newbie

      Hiya folks,

      I have seen other people having a similar problem unfortunately either there were no solutions or their solutions were not working for me. The problem I am having is accessing my bean from another server using InitialContext lookup.

      Now I have my initialContext set up correctly to point toward the correct jndi and then I have the code:

      hello = (RemoteHello)ctx.lookup(Hello.class.getName());

      RemoteHello is the remote interface for the bean.

      I am getting this error trying to access that class:
      hello = (RemoteHello)ctx.lookup(Hello.class.getName());

      When I go into my jmx console and look at the global jndi namespace I see this for RemoteHello:

      +- com.testing.hello.RemoteHello (proxy: $Proxy148 implements No ClassLoaders found for: com.testing.hello.RemoteHello (no security manager: RMI class loader disabled))

      Being new to this, is that supposed to say implements no classloaders?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.