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    MBean depends

    jeremie lapoutre Newbie

      I made a service that depends on a queue I created.

      the queue is named in my JMX console like this :
      Domain Name: jboss.mq.destination
      service: Queue
      name: com/toto/titi/MyClass

      JNDI queue name is : queue/com/toto/titi/MyClass

      the dependency in the jboss-service is as follow :

      <depends optional-attribute-name="com/toto/titi/MyClass">jboss.mq.destination:service=Queue

      I got the following error :
      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Exception setting attribute javax.management.Attribute: name=com/toto/titi/MyClass value=jboss.mq.destination:service=Queue on mbean comp.com:service=MyService; - nested throwable: (javax.management.AttributeNotFoundException: not found: com/toto/titi/MyClass )

      WHY ??? :(