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    How to integrate a Custom RMIServerSocketFactory in JBoss

    Corey M. Ellis Newbie


      I have wrote a custom RMIServerSocketFactory and placed the jar file with the class in the default/lib directory and changed the

      RMIServerSocketFactory attribute in the JRMP MBean to my class, but I still see when JBoss startsup that its loading the DefaultServerSocketFactory.

      Can someone please tell me how to hook in you own custom factory into JBoss.



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          Corey M. Ellis Newbie

          I am still facing issues regarding JBoss recognizing my Customer RMIServerSocketFactory.

          I have a jar file with one class (CustomDefaultSocketFactory) and I have put this jar file in server/default/lib, {jboss.home.dir}/lib, I have added this to the run.sh script on the classpath.

          I have also updated the jboss-service.xml file the JRMP mbean -- I changed the RMIServerSocketFactory attirbute from "custom" to the full name of my class.

          But still when the server comes up, the Naming Server still says that its loading the DefaultSocketFactory class, also when I look at the LoaderRepository -- displayClassInfo method, I don't see where my CustomSocketFactory is getting loaded.

          Can someone please help me understand how to get JBoss to recognize a custom RMISocketFactory class. I am in desperate need to resolve this.

          Thanks in advance.

          Corey Ellis