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    jndi lookup for jmx/invoker/RMIAdaptor

    Jacky Lu Newbie

      I have two nodes(n1, n2) running the all configuration with HAJNDI service enabled. The org.jboss.ha.jndi.HANamingService mbean in cluster-service.xml has the default configuration. I'm using jboss-4.0.3SP1.

      I have the following source code to remotely access the mbean server via RMIAdaptor:

      // initial context
      Hashtable jndiProperties = new Hashtable();
      jndiProperties.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, jnp://n1:1099);
      jndiProperties.put(Context.URL_PKG_PREFIXES, jboss.naming:org.jnp.interfaces");
      //jndiProperties.put("jnp.disableDiscovery", "true");
      InitialContext ic = new InitialContext(jndiProperties);

      // connecting to mbean server
      MBeanServerConnection server = (MBeanServerConnection) ic.lookup("jmx/invoker/RMIAdaptor");

      //get host info
      ObjectName name = new ObjectName("jboss.system:type=ServerInfo");
      System.out.println("Host name: " + server.getAttribute(name, "HostName"));

      I got inconsistent output, it might be
      Host name: node1, or
      Host name: node2

      Even I uncomment out
      //jndiProperties.put("jnp.disableDiscovery", "true");
      it still gave inconsistent output.

      Is this expected behavior? And how can I get a reference to the RMIAdaptor for the node n1 consistently?

      Please help. Thanks.