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    Why my JNDI server takes so long to initialize?!?Pls help

    Luiz Decaro Newbie

      I've come accross a few pages over this forum and haven't found anything about it yet.

      My problem is that JBOSS takes too long to create my JNDI server.
      I've been able to find out that it gets stuck in this method in line 299 at org.jnp.server.Main:

      Remote stub = UnicastRemoteObject.exportObject(theServer, rmiPort,
      clientSocketFactory, serverSocketFactory);

      Actually jboss creates my jndi server but takes at about 1 to 1:20 mins to create this service and takes 2:30 mins to finish the whole starting process.

      This is definatelly not productive for a development stage. My friends over here can manage to start the jboss in their machines in about 40 seconds.

      Please, we have tried everything and ran out of ideas. I still believe that there is an answer to this. Do you guys know it?

      We have tried jboss 4.0.2 and 4.0.3SP1.
      It manages the creation of jndi server on default ports 1099 and 1098.