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    Using CDK for custom renderer

    Alexander Belov Novice

      Is it possible to use CDK for creating custom renderer only? I have to make custom renderer for rich:calendar component to redefine the order of components only. And it would be very good to have possibility to change template only. Is it possible?

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          unfortunatelly rich:calendar component fully rendered from client side script. So there is noting inside the template to change.

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            Alexander Belov Novice

            I mean org/richfaces/htmlCalendar.jspx, which is used to generate Renderer.
            I have successfully replaced htmlCalendar.jspx and generated own Renderer which is subclass of CalendarRenderer.
            So, everything works now.

            But I have another problem. To tell the truth I am new in Maven. I have main project with pom.xml and module named "calender", which also has pom.xml in the root. If I build main project, I have calendar.jar only. Is there any way to make complete build of the main problem to construct 1 library (common-richfaces.jar, for example), which will contain all classes and resources from child modules?