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    JMS connection problem between different networks

    vabrol Newbie


      I am trying to send JMS message from a server 'InsideFirewall' behind a firewall to another server 'Outsidefirewall' in a different network and a public IP. I need to have 2 way communication setup between these servers. My problem is that I can send messages from server 'outsidefirewall' to 'Insidefirewall' but not the other way around. When I try to get a JMS connection from 'InsideFirewall' to 'outsidefirewall' , I get "java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host 'OutsideFirwall' --- connection timed out'. However, I can send messages to server 'Outsidefirewall' from few other servers all in different networks and behind firewalls.

      There is no problem sending messages from 'OutSideFirewall' to 'InsideFirewall'

      I have started the sever 'InsideFirewall' with -Djava.rmi.server.hostname={ip} option and opened the following ports: 1099,8093,1098,4444.Also Uil2-service.xml is configured with ConnectAddress and ConnectPort of extrnal IP.
      I would really appreciate any suggestion to point me to right direction.