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    Deployment dependencies

    schmoely Newbie

      Hi -

      I have never posted here for fear of being flamed, so please go gently on me :)

      I'm using JBoss 4.0.4 GA

      I have an EAR file which currently contains just a HAR (Hibernate) service, but which will contain more services for deployment shortly.

      The Hibernate MBean is currently configured to find its Datasource in JNDI at java:/MagicDS.

      On most servers this is fine - the relevant datasource is bound to that name. On some servers however, it is bound to java:/SpiritDS for legacy reasons.

      Is there a mechanism by which I can deploy exactly the same EAR file to all servers, and create a "filter" of some kind, which would allow me to place the Datasource JNDI address in a file outside the EAR? Or is there another solution I am blatently overlooking?

      Many thanks