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      i have a map tag that maps a HtmlGraphicImage.

      <map id="chart" name="chart">
      <area shape="poly" coords="73,316,79,316,79,322,73,322,73,316,73,316" title="Ford" alt=""/>
      <area shape="poly" coords="325,42,324,44,322,45,319,44,319,42,319,40,322,39,324,40,325,42,325,42" title="General Motors" alt=""/>
      <area shape="poly" coords="567,316,570,322,564,322,564,322" title="BMW" alt=""/>

      I seted the map code as the value of a HtmlOutputText (escape=false) and it worked perfectly on FF, but not in IE (Damn it!).
      Can i do that using <rich:toolTip>? How can i convert that map code to a tooltip code? Is there a simple way to do that? Thanks a lot.