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    java.lang.ClassCastException in EJB-Proxy

    Tonio Caputo Newbie


      I'm usign 4.0.5/EJB3 and an independent Tomcat 5.5
      Ububntu 5-10 java 1.5.08.

      Using StatelessSessionBean with a BusinessDelegate as a facade.

      Every now an then, sometimes after re-deploying, sometimes after
      restarting jboss, a call to Business-Method (isUserAuthorized) from
      my tomcat application (web-service) gives this error

      Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: isoa.users.bean.UserContext
       at $Proxy15.isUserAuthorized(Unknown Source)
       at isoa.users.bean.UsersServiceBd$3.run(UsersServiceBd.java:91)
       at isoa.commons.bean.AbstractBizDelegate$EjbRun.runWithRetries(AbstractBizDelegate.java:150)
       ... 37 more

      UserContext class is in the class-path, I checked the version is
      always the same in my client and in my server, etc., etc..., all
      seems pretty ok.

      Sometimes after calling the method a second time or just re-deploying begins to work OK again.

      Any Idea where to look for, or what is happening

      Thanks in advance