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    Getting started guide?

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      Here's the simple thing I need to do: I have a JBoss server with a bunch of EJB3 entities in it. I also have some session beans to handle various things. That's the server side. On the client side, I have some custom-written Swing applications which need to interact with session beans (on the server), fetch entities, updated entities, and persist the changed entities (all of which are on the server).

      I know that JBoss / J2EE are designed from the get-go to make such a usage "easy". But my problem is, how do I get started? I read the section on JNDI. I have Googled around. But could anyone point me to a "getting started" example? I suppose I would need to create @Remote interfaces on entities. I would need to do something to configure a JNDI server running on JBoss that takes requests over HTTP. Then on the client side I would need to specify connection properties, create an InitialContext, and then do my work I guess? I can see the outline but I don't know where to begin with all this.

      Btw I'm using JBoss 4.0.5 and Java 6 for all this. It's all new code so no legacy anything. I want to do it whatever is the "best practices" way.

      Thank you for any suggestions.