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    JNDI entries not in web.xml/jboss-web.xml/ejb-jar.xml

    Josh Smith Newbie

      For the new application I am working on, my office is wanting to test using JBoss for the development environment and then using Websphere (which is the current platform) for testing and production.

      Currently, becuase of other problems with development teams, the office made a decision to put all entries that normally would have been based off of a property file into the JNDI. Currently this are getting configured at the WebSphere server level, and are handled outside of the code base.

      For doing the development in JBoss using the same requirement of the JNDI replacing property files, I have been trying to figure out how to create new JNDI entires for simple objects, without putting them into the deployed application. Many of these entries need to be shared across an entire EAR file, or multiple applications. Putting them in the WAR would seem to defeat that purpose.

      Becuase not all of these entires ( and actually very few) are actually related to the EJB, I don't want to put them in the EJB files.

      Is there a way to create system/JVM wide JNDI entries without having them configured inside a deployed application? Is there a .xml file I can drop somewhere that can handle this?