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    simpleTogglePanel rich:effect

    Andrew Lindley Newbie

      Dear all,

      I've got two (hopefully) simple questions - related to RichFaces - but probably not RichFaces specific:

      1) simpleTogglePanel contains a style class called: rich-stglpanel-body to modify the appearance of the body.
      My question: Is it possible to modify the style without changing neither the application's CSS, nor the richfaces.skin, nor writing a custom style class? just e.g. by using style="rich-stglpanel-body.background-color:white;"> ?

      2) I would like to enhance the simpleTogglePanel's look&feel with one of the rich:effect elements. This works just fine by using something similar to:

      <rich:simpleTogglePanel switchType="client" label="Test">
       <rich:effect event="onclick" type="BlindDown" params="duration:0.5">
       <h:panelGrid columns="2">
       Content and other JSF Components here

      Well as I'm using other jsf elements on the panel I'm having the problem, that the onclick event also affects their behaviour.
      My question: So what I'm really looking for is to tell the simpleTogglePanel to use an effect onexpanding and onclosing. Is this possible?