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    rich:inplaceSelect can not work in rich:modalPanel tag

    foures adrien Newbie

      I use richfaces 3.2.1 GA and on the tutarial there is an example like this :

      <rich:inplaceSelect value="#{inplaceComponentsBean.inputValue}"
       defaultLabel="Click here to edit">
       <f:selectItem itemValue="0" itemLabel="Option 1" />
       <f:selectItem itemValue="1" itemLabel="Option 2" />
       <f:selectItem itemValue="2" itemLabel="Option 3" />
       <f:selectItem itemValue="3" itemLabel="Option 4" />
       <f:selectItem itemValue="4" itemLabel="Option 5" />

      When I use this exemple in a sample page, it works fine, but if I use it in a modalPanel that isnt work!
      Can anybody say why ?