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    rich:messages not showing up

    shadowcreeper Apprentice

      Could somebody please help me understand why my rich:messages is not working?

      <rich:messages id="error"

      Does it need to be in a form? in a region? In the same form/region as the jsFunction that added the message?

      I've tried all of the above. Here is my message adding code which I can put a breakpoint on to prove it is actually happening.

      FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addMessage( "id", new FacesMessage( "Error updating route trips: " + e.getMessage() ) );

      I have also tried replacing the "id" with "null" (no quotes around the null) with no change.

      What else might be causing the messages keep from showing up? I don't ever even see them even for split second.

      I've used it in simpler pages with no problem, but this page is huge and I don't have the first clue what else to look for.