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    Question about IIOP

    Anders Van Dildo Newbie

      Hi, Group.

      Apologies if this question is to vague or scant on details, I am very new to this sort of stuff and I've not been able to find out much online. Perhaps I am using the incorrect search terms or something.

      I have a servlet that sends various messages to an EJB running on another server. The protocol used is IIOP. When I access the servlet, I get this error message on my stdout:
      javax.naming.NamingException: Failed to retrieve Naming interface [Root exception is java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: iiop]

      I am setting the Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY to:

      and I also tried:

      I've scanned through the JBoss Admin Guide (4.2 by the way) and I get the impression that this should work without further /much configuration but that's just a guess really. Can anyone shed any light on this or point me in the correct direction? I feel like this should be soo simple and it probably is. :)

      My server is based on the all configuration.

      Peace, Anders