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    rich:inplaceSelect does not display the bean property value

    Malte Wiskott Newbie


      I'm using Seam and don't understand why when I refresh my page the rich:inplaceSelect does not display the value binded to the bean.

      <rich:inplaceSelect id="lstIndustry" label="Industry: " value="#{selectedInd}"
       showControls="false" layout="block" defaultLabel="Please select an Industry">
       <s:selectItems value="#{selectIndList.list}" var="ind"
       label="#{ind.industry}" />
       <s:convertEntity />

      when I modify the code and set the defaultLabel to "#{selectedInd.industry}" the value displays correctly but when my value is null I can't set a default message.

      What am I doing wrong ?

      Any help is appreciated.


      Malte Wiskott