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    JBoss 4.05 and Dynamic IP

    Sirynx Demigod Newbie

      My problem is the following. I have installed JBoss in a computer outside of my network and I wanted to connect from my computer. I've done the next.

      Firstly, I opened the ports 1098,1099 and 4444 in the NAT of the router in the server's network. By doing that the server didn't work.

      Then, I tried to found a solution, I saw an article in which it is said that I have to add -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=IP -Djava.rmi.server.useLocalHostname=false as arguments to the run file so that JBoss take the right data to connect. Well, by doing that after some work I get JBoss working. But In this step two problems appear.

      1. By adding this arguments to the JBoss startup script it is imposible to enter from the network where the server is.
      2. The external IP of the network where the server is, is configured to be dynamic. So I have to change the script every time the IP change. I don't want to do that. Finding the way to get the server working well without worrying about the IP changing I have created a Dynamic DNS to have an easy way to connect to the server. But changing the argument -Djava.rmi.server.hostname to the Dyn DNS entry it doesn't work.

      I would like to receive an answer quickly because it's urgent to me. In short, my questions are:
      How to make the server allow to connect from inside and outside the network?
      How to make the server identify mi Dyn DNS entry?

      Thank you for all.

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          Sirynx Demigod Newbie

          Someone to help me. I need a solution, please. Anyone can help me? Thank you again.

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            Sirynx Demigod Newbie

            Please, I need an answer to this topic. I have found something. Anyone can help me? Searching on the Internet I have found a way to use RMI using HTTP tunneling. Can I connect using this?

            Some questions about that:

            Firstly, I have read that it is necessary to put a cgi script in the web server to make it work. Where is the script? Where have I put the script in the server to make it work?

            Secondly, I have also read that It isn't necessary to change anything in the client but what about the server?

            Finally, Do I have to change the connection port to make it work? I'm using RMI default port. Please, I'd like a quick answer. As a web server I have installed Apache 2.0. See you.

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              Sandeep Dhamale Newbie

              Were you able to resolve the Issue? I am having a similar issue now.
              I need to discover the IP dynamically - Clients NAT the IP's
              Please help.

              Thanks so much !